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About Our Team

Meet The Team

Team mates are the asset of our company. Every team member works with a positive attitude. We as The team make every effort in helping he team mates to grow in their respective area and their knowledge. Freedom of expression and dedicated work with ideas are healthy is respected. The team always makes attempts in putting your idea, our effort and knowledge to bring you live on web.

We at are comprised of ultra-talented and experienced designers, developers and programmers. Learn more about each person by reading their descriptions below:

Amit Badia - Founder / Ceo

Amit has founded and is managing Abinfcom for over past seven years. He has quickly gained a reputation as being a leader in both SEO and SEM marketing. Through his dedication and leadership, Amit has carved out the directions that have lead to Abinfocm's achievements and accomplishments 

Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens - Manager
United Kingdom

Gary manages the day-to-day operations within the Network and office. From the interactions,  to the design phase and into development. He has been with Abinfcom for over past five years.

Vaishali Singh
Vaishali Singh - Hrd Dept
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Vaishali , Our Hrd Head bring people to take our culture seriously. She is looking for innovative people to become a part of abinfocom so they can share their skills and learn from each other. She is focused and highly active in fuelling the momentum..

Mike Byrne
Myke Byrne - Business Analyst
United Kingdom

Mike,  as A business analyst, is responsible for documentation relating to our booking path. In addition to this, Mike is the main developer in charge of making sure our affiliate program sites look their best.

Brij Mohan
Brij Mohan - Lead programmer

Brij, as lead programmer, Wes is responsible for the programming on many of our websites. He is is also heavily involved in the project planning, and is often involved in the initial client communications.

Stela Jhones  Customer support
United States

Stella is a experts on our customer support team and she is much more than a helpdesk. She is very Cheerful and passionate about helping clients of abinfocom.