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Abinfocom Interactive can provide you with just the professional and perfect visuals. Visuals are stronger than words. They not only capture the eyes of your audience but also their hearts. An aesthetically designed shot holds the viewers gripped to their seats and also wins their admiration. Abinfocom Interactive understands that shots composed on comprehending the shooting script will add strength to the message that is to be conveyed. You can be assured that the video captured by team Abinfocom Interactive excels beyond the shooting expectations.
AD Film Production

Abinfocom Interactive Advantage:

With a team of skilled cinematographers, who puts efforts to bring out the best of the results, Abinfocom Interactive has been able to produce classic shots that are visually appealing. The shooting crew of Abinfocom Interactive uses the state-of-the-art equipment and lightings to capture the reality at its best.
Abinfocom Interactive professional video Production services includes,
Shooting for:
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • TV Ads
  • Films
  • Demos
  • Documentaries
  • Events
  • Training Workshops
  • e-learning and many more...
Abinfocom Interactive uses high definition 3 CCD cameras like Betacam SP, PDS and those which match up to the current industry standards. Dolleys and cranes are used so as to produce low angle, truck and aerial shots. Anamorphic lens, wide lens, zoom lens, fish eye lens used by Abinfocom Interactive provides a wide variety of shots. Pin-up microphones, Boom microphones, Cordless microphones are just some of the microphones that Abinfocom Interactive is equipped with to capture high quality audio.